Restore XP Backup to Windows 8 Using A Hi-Tech Tool!

Up-gradation can be because of various reasons. May be a critical system failure or may be because you wanted more facilities associated with Windows 8. Reasons may vary but the main question of concern is how will you do this when your backup file is corrupted? You will need to switch or restore XP OS backup to Windows 8 when you switch from Windows XP to latest Windows OS. Well XP Backup Recovery Tool can be an apt solution. Let's see how…

Perfect Way to Turn XP BKF Files to Windows 8

The fact is Windows 8 have backup and restore tools way too different from the Backup Utility of Windows XP. And when you try to restore it directly to this OS it will show file incompatibility error. This restricts you to restore XP backup to Windows 8 directly. And since you are trying to restore from backup it becomes obvious that you don't have your old PC having Windows XP as Operating System.

In that case you should try to find some other computer system having Operating System Windows XP or other NT series versions of Windows in it. And restore the XP backup file using Backup Utility present in it using Backup or Restore Wizard. This will restore all your files which were backed up by you. Then you can easily transfer those restored files to your system which has Windows 8 installed in it. In this way you can easily restore XP backup to Windows 8.

But many users find it difficult to switch/restore their backup file and error are occurred while restoring or the process is completely ceased without restoration. This clearly indicates that internal structure of your backup file is damaged and these backup files are of no use. Windows BKF File Recovery Tool can save you from big loss as it will examine your file and repair it.


How Will Our XP Backup Recovery Help You?

Backup recovery tool will scan your BKF file using various scan modes such as "Quick Scan", "Deep Scan" and "Range Scan". These scanning modes help you to scan your file according to corruption issue. For e.g. when your file is deeply damaged and you want a though scanning process you can go for "Deep Scan" option when you want to scan your file for initial 40% data you can choose "Range Scan" option. This way you can scan your BKF file. You also have an option to search file if you want to check any file whether it exists in your BKF file or not using "Search" tab.

Once you are done with repairing and extracting of BKF file you can transfer these files to your Windows 8 system. And thus BKF Repair helps you to restore XP backup to Windows 8 system.